Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Northstar Hydrovac

At Northstar Hydrovac Inc., our number one priority is to provide the most cost-effective, professional and safety conscientious service in the hydrovac industry. Our employees are trained to follow strict, safety procedures and standards at all times. We are currently introducing the latest in hydrovac technology in the industry with our 2013 units and together with our ambitious, experienced operators; Northstar Hydrovac will not be satisfied until you, our client, are happy with the job.

Hydro excavation specialists

Northstar Hydrovac has the expertise and resources to respond immediately when you need trenching or hydro excavation services. Hand excavation can be slow and costly, losing valuable time when you need to maintain or repair pipelines or locate underground structures during construction. Our powerful hydrovac trucks, customized to service the most complicated terrains and locations work in tandem with our trained and certified operators to safely uncover the underground the utilities you need serviced.

Pipeline ruptures or line breaks can happen at any time. Our highly trained and certified professional operators are ready to go at a moment's notice to minimize your downtime. Hydrovacing involves using highly pressurized hot water to melt through frozen ground and vacuum earth and the resulting mud away from pipes, wires or other underground infrastructures. This quickly exposes those structures for maintenance or repairs.

Our crews and equipment work in all terrains and temperatures as low as -40F to keep your business up and running. Northstar Hydrovac has been committed to 24/7 service since 1998.


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