Friday, April 03, 2020


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What is hydrovac excavation?

Hydrovacing is a method of safe excavation that allows exposure of pipes, lines and other underground structures for repair, or as the initial stage in drilling or digging for construction or pipeline trenching. Excavation is performed using highly pressurized water, heated if the ground is frozen and a hand-held wand to penetrate the soil. The resulting slurry, a mix of the ground material and water, is then vacuumed using the powerful vacuum system mounted on one of our trucks. The debris is deposited securely in the debris tank and safely removed from the site.

Hydrovac for construction

Northstar Hydrovac hydrovac excavation services has two advantages over mechanical excavators—speed and accuracy. Our qualified operators and customized equipment provide a variety ofconstruction services.


Our managers communicate directly with our clients to coordinate arrival, set-up and efficient completion of our services. We have multiple units available to work 24/7, and can operate in all-weather conditions—even down to -40F.

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